WorkBoost FINternational
Summer Camp
22.5. – 17.8.2018, Tampere

25 International minded talents

3 Months time

15 Speakers from different industries

The Challenge: How to make Finland more FINternational

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What is Summer Camp?

As a background information, why we want to arrange this Summer camp, please read the column written by our founder, Sami Puttonen. Good news from Finland 19.4.2018: Let's be FINternational!

We at WorkBoost, do believe in the strength of diversity and understand that true success aspires from four factors: Culture, Language, Competence and Attitude. We also believe in co-creation and that the best innovations are created when people with different backgrounds who share the same passion are doing it together.

To benefit from the potential that we have here in Finland and to help opening up the society to a more international approach, leading it into a secure and reliable global network that has the Finnish and the Nordic focus in mind– that is what the Summer Camp is all about.

We received nearly 80 applications for the project, from which we did choose 25 people covering 18 nationalities and 10 study fields. On top of that we have several experts from different industries hosting workshops and sharing the knowledge they have. These include topics such as; service design, possibilities of AI, self-leadership, brand building, usability testing etc.

All together we work towards the goal to build a community that connects organizations and people having some connection to Finland. The aim is to form a global network with local centres that will provide service and support to be the entry point for both people and companies into different markets and locations. Local centres also help to attract new international talents and students as well as companies to Finland and further into Nordics.

WorkBoost wants to thank following companies for recognizing that internationalisation is an important theme by participating into the project as a visiting expert.